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  • All-in-one cleanser for hair, face and body to remove dirt and control Caveman odors.
  • With purifying FluidiPure™8G and a blast of cooling menthol, this turbo-fast cleaner saves time in the shower for more time in the jungle.
  • Carpe Diem.
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Apply a small amount to your hand and spread evenly through dry or damp clean hair. Style as desired. Ideal for all hair types.
  • Brave and daring laboratory for men
  • Rejuvenating Dragon’s Blood and revitalizing Blue Stone exfoliates dead skin cells for brighter and clearer skin.
  • A cooling, minty lather scrubs away all your dirtiest, darkest, filthiest little secrets.
  • Until your next diabolical encounter, of course.
  • Tame your unruly and frizzy hair with a glossy finish and lock down the fly-a-ways.
  • This non-drying cream is easy for restyling and laded with purifying FluidiPure™ 8G to keep scalp irritations and odors away.
  • Now go stalk your prey like the smooth, slick predator that you truly are.
  • The ultimate defense against dandruff. Purifying FluidiPure™8G cleanses hair, soothes dry or oily scalp irritations and effectively helps to eliminate and prevent pesky dandruff recurrence. Bye-bye shy, hello ladies.
  • Massage liberally into hair and scalp during shower. Rinse off thoroughly.
  • Daily use recommended.
  • Rejuvenating Dragon’s Blood and anti-bacterial Silver recharges and re-energizes the body from head-to-toe, with a kick-start boost of high octane menthol.
  • Any more potent and this formula could be deemed illegal.
  • 400ml
  • Strong holding power in a lightweight formula.
  • Tames, sculpts and keeps your mane, sane.
  • Purifying Fluidipure™8G is added to help keep scalp irritations and colours at bay.
  • Slave the day, look the part, own the jungle.
  • Made in Malaysia
  • A strong hold, solid hair wax loaded with Fluidipure TM 8G that helps to keep bad odours at bay and helps soothe every irritated scalp.
  • Keeping you locked and ready to rock!
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Keep your face clean when getting down and dirty.
  • Dragon’s blood and Sebustop clean out the oil and germs from your face.
  • Acne and oil will think twice before showing their ugly mugs again.
  • Your mug, on the other hand, is ready to rock.
  • A frosty wake-me-up infused with purifying FluidiPure™8G, and burst of menthol.
  • This formula cleans hair and soothes scalp irritations, with a blast of Arctic chill to the head.
  • Super charged and super cool for super clarity.